• Tatasarete

    Tatasarete is an old form of the verb “to stand;” the sarete ending refers to being moved or compelled versus the common tataseru which just refers to the act of standing. O’sensei saw aikido as the creation of “divine techniques” in response to conflict, saying that he wanted people to “listen to the voice of …

  • Musubi

    is to tie or link or link yourself to the energy of someone’s attack. Rather than opposing force you blend with the force of an attack to utilize that energy for your own defense.

  • Waza

    refers to technique but aikido is actually a practice of manifesting opportunity. The attackers balance, momentum, and intent allow for certain movements to be most effective. This in combination with the natural movements of the body are where aikido “techniques” are formed.

  • Rei

    refers to the manifestation of the spirit. Aikido begins and ends in the concept that mutually shared peace and preservation is the only path to resolution.